Cafe Intermezzo welcomes guests to eat, sip and connect on their own time. This environment is what CEO William Pitts likes to call the third place in people’s lives.

“[It’s] that concept of having that third place in your life outside of work and home where you can spend time and just be there, and that’s what we are,” Pitts said.

This concept draws people of all paths to the European coffeehouse-style establishment and allows for greater human connection, Pitts said. At Cafe Intermezzo, guests can choose to eat or drink for hours or minutes.

“We celebrate lingering. We celebrate just the act of just being here,” Pitts said. “There are no rules.”

Part of Cafe Intermezzo’s experience is the shock guests have when first entering the building, Pitts said. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and classic, Victorian-style statues, embellishments and decorations fill the coffeehouse while classic music plays from the speakers.

The long bar in the center of the coffeehouse proudly displays Cafe Intermezzo’s large, bronze espresso machine, which is the largest in Texas, according to Pitts. The coffeehouse dedicates four pages of its 40-page drink menu to specialty coffees with and without alcohol.

Further down the bar, a glass case holds the rotating pastry options. A specified “tour guide” stands behind the counter to describe the day’s dessert options.

Cafe Intermezzo hopes to grow its nighttime attendance among all ages with its cocktail and pastry options, Pitts said. The setting is inviting for older crowds, and its mocktails give an opportunity for younger people to have a fancy drink.

“Where else can an under-21-year-old come and feel like an adult, right?” Pitts said.

Cafe Intermezzo

7401 Lone Star Drive, Plano


Hours: Sun. 8 a.m.-10 p.m., Mon-Thu. 9 a.m.-10 p.m., Fri. 9 a.m.-midnight, Sat. 8 a.m.-midnight