Married couple, Denis Grabocka and Eva Terova-Grabocka co-own DeEva Kitchen and Bar, which opened April 19.

Denis’ family owned and operated Cafe Amore in Richardson and Plano using family recipes.

Denis and Eva chose to revamp Cafe Amore in Plano and renamed it DeEva Kitchen and Bar.

“We wanted to change it up and get out of just a pizza, pasta place,” Denis said. “We wanted to keep the time proven recipes but with a trendier look.”

Eva said she and Denis found inspiration when they visited their home country of Albania in 2022.

“We were amazed at how the restaurant designs had changed,” Eva said. “We wanted to transform our place into something we liked that we saw over there.”

DeEva’s menu features family recipes passed down from Denis’ grandmother and Eva’s mother.

“The lasagna we do over here is the same as my mom does,” Eva said.

Top sellers on the restaurant’s food menu are lamb osso buco and short ribs bourguignon.

“Our short ribs are cooked for nine hours and get very tender,” Eva said.

Eva said Our Old Fashioned is a popular cocktail. She said what makes their version stand out from other places is that they make it with a Chianti wine reduction.

“This is our way to combine the traditional Old Fashion, which is a traditional American drink, with an Italian aspect,” Denis said.