A plan for additional units and upgrades in the Legends at Chase Oaks apartment complex in Plano is set to move forward.

California-based StarPoint Properties, the property's owner, will add resident amenities and 70 new apartment units within the complex after the Plano City Council approved changes to the development regulations during its May 13 meeting.

Two-minute impact

Once the new apartments are built, the complex will have 436 units, compared to 346 currently on-site. To house the new apartments, nine new buildings, five of which are three stories tall and four others that have two floors, will be constructed within the interior ring of the complex.

“Plano needs those 70 units. Our residents are demanding mid- and higher-level apartments,” Council member Rick Horne said. “They met every requirement we asked them to meet.”

According to city documents, the number of required parking spaces will be reduced by 14% to 716 owing in part to an overabundance of parking within the complex.

Zooming in

In addition to the additional apartments, StarPoint is planning to add two new dog park facilities and expand the clubhouse with a roughly 2,000-square-foot addition.

“I really appreciate the fact that you guys are keeping the setback, keeping the green and making sure that all the development and revampment remains interior as exposed to exterior, like something at Custer [Road] and Legacy [Drive],” Deputy Mayor pro tem Maria Tu said.

The Plano Planning and Zoning Commission previously recommended approval of the third proposal from StarPoint by a 6-2 vote in its April 15 meeting. Per city documents, proposals to add more units were denied by council in 2020 and 2022.

What else?

Frank Turner, principal at Urban Opportunity, spoke on behalf of the applicant and said StarPoint is investing between $20 million and $30 million to construct new units and upgrade existing apartments within Legends at Chase Oaks. He added that about 173 of the current 346 units have already been upgraded while the remainder will be upgraded over time.

“This is a property that is not asking to be taken off the tax rolls,” Mayor John Muns said. “It is coming to us [and] spending their money to make this a better property. We need to incentivize more property owners to do that.”