Here are 4 fitness centers that recently opened or are coming soon to Plano.

Now open

1. EoS Fitness

EoS Fitness also opened a new location at the corner of Preston Road and Park Boulevard on April 26. The gym is also set to open a new location near Collin Creek in Plano.2. Corvo Martial Arts

Jiu Jitsu classes for all ages are offered at this studio as well as Muay Thai and yoga classes for adults.3. Pickleball Kingdom

The facility features 15 indoor pickleball courts, four dink courts, a pro shop and a snack bar, according to a news release from the company. Pickleball Kingdom is also offering free Pickleball 101 courses, and can host events.Coming soon

4. Crunch Fitness

Construction on the location is set to begin July 1, with an estimated completion date of Dec. 1, according to a project listed with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Along with strength and aerobic equipment, Crunch Fitness offers a variety of group and individual classes.