Jamee Jolly

President and CEO, Plano Chamber of Commerce

Jamee Jolly, Plano Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, says she sees opportunity on the horizon in 2015. With two major corporations moving their headquarters to the city, Jolly said the change and growth in Plano is good news for businesses.

Jolly has been the chamber president and CEO for about four years. She previously worked for the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association and the Collin County Association of Realtors.

What can businesses look forward to in Plano this year?

Obviously, we've had some pretty big announcements happen in 2014 with Toyota moving [its] North America headquarters here to Plano and bringing 4,000 jobs to our community over the next few years, and also FedEx Office. ...I think our local business community will all benefit from those new companies coming to town. Maybe you own a printing company–there will be an opportunity to partner with some of these companies. Maybe you're a realtor, and we have people who need homes moving to our community from outside of North Texas. You're going to see across every spectrum of our membership and our business industry [an] impact with all the different opportunities coming in the near future.

Talk about the rebranding that the chamber went through in the past year.

We just finished up a three-year strategic plan. One of the things that came out of this was a discussion of who we want to be and what is the next phase of our development as an organization. If you look at the new logo, one of the things that [is readily apparent] is there's a design in the logo, and it started out that those were individual bars. We saw those bars as representing different organizations within the community. It might be the business community or the nonprofit sector, the educational community, or our local government. We realized that we wanted to show that there's continuity. You'll notice the bars are overlapped, which is to show that there is collaboration.

What is the chamber's main goal for 2015?

I feel like our job as a chamber is to continue to provide opportunity and resources for people to be able to grow their business. [We also want to help or members] grow themselves professionally, personally and make connections within our community. This next year, we will start to see an influx of employees from places that are outside of Texas. Part of our job is also going to be helping new citizens connect with our community. The other thing is we're growing. This past year, we've seen a 9 percent growth [rate] in our membership, which comes with challenges. We need to be able to provide the same level of customer service and the same level of resources to our members as we've done in the past. We've ramped up our staffing and added a new position to be able to support that. We're making sure that we are listening to our constituency, which is the business community, what their needs are and being responsive to those needs.