Learn more about the candidates running for McKinney City Council District 2 ahead of the May 6 election. Early voting is from April 24 to May 2. Candidate responses may have been edited for length, style and clarity.

Candidate Michael Silva did not respond to requests for comment.

Patrick J. Cloutier

Occupation: Financial advisor, co-founder of Legacy Planning Group

Contact Information: 972-562-5682, ext. 201

Why are you running?

I've loved being civically involved for the last 12 years. My business allows me flexibility and being on council demands that. I have few hobbies to occupy my free time and we have made lots of friends who work to make McKinney better. McKinney is home to all three of our granddaughters. I want to play my part in making sure that McKinney continues to be great.

What are you hoping to accomplish if you are elected?

Growth in our commercial and sales tax base is critical to keeping downward pressure on our property tax rate commercial growth. We need to be vigilant to maintain great police and fire departments. We need to work with developers to create more options for owner occupied starter homes in our city to allow young families who rent here to buy here.

What are the top issues McKinney is facing in the coming years?

Some of the big issues that we see on council now are transportation especially north of 380, expensive housing options, retaining talent in our city staff (along with police and fire), continuing to increase our commercial and sales tax base, and attracting employers who bring creative and talented people to McKinney.

What are your thoughts on the future development of the airport?

McKinney taxpayers have owned the airport since its inception in 1979. It is our best opportunity for economic development. The metroplex has grown by about 50% in the last 20 years and growth in Collin County and counties to our north and east are increasing at rapid rates. Our goal should be to bring commercial air service to McKinney as a catalyst for our economic development. We need to be smart about it.