Private schools around McKinney offer a variety of instruction types, including various religious affiliations and curriculum types. The schools also serve a range of grade levels from pre-K to 12th grade.

Here are four private schools in the McKinney area. This list is not comprehensive.

1. Acton Academy

Type: Montessori, other

Grades served: pre-K-8

Religious orientation: none

Extracurricular activities: none

Total enrollment: 15

Tuition: $7,200-$8,200 annually2. Collin County Cornerstone Christian Academy

Type: religious-based, other

Grades served: K-12

Religious orientation: Christian, nondenominational

Extracurricular activities: athletic programs, student clubs

Total enrollment: 400+

Tuition: $6,680-$9,220 annually3. Excellence Academy

Type: Montessori, religious-based, traditional, other

Grades served: pre-K-11

Religious orientation: Islam

Extracurricular activities: art, yearbook club, Arabic, gym, home economics, STEAM, entrepreneurship, programming

Total enrollment: 123

Tuition: $7,500-10,000 annually4. McKinney Christian Academy

Type: religious-based

Grades served: pre-K-12

Religious orientation: Christian, nondenominational

Extracurricular activities: STEM, athletics, fine arts, spiritual development

Total enrollment: 700

Tuition: $13,000-$18,000 annually