Collin County to move quickly on $750 million bond funds approved by voters Nov. 6


Collin County voters approved three county bond propositions Nov. 6 with more than 321,000 people voting on each proposition.

More than 68 percent of voters approved Proposition A—a $600 million bond to be used for limited-access roadway, or LAR, projects.

Proposition B—$140 million for arterial roads, including the reconstruction and rehabilitation of arterial roads—received 68.95 percent voter approval. The $10 million bond for open space and parks—Proposition C—received 71.43 percent voter approval.

County officials say they are working to issue bonds but will first bring a timeline to County Commissioners.

“We intend to move quickly,” Collin County Director of Engineering Clarence Daugherty said.

A previous list of projects presented to the Commissioners Court shows the majority of money from Proposition A would be used for environmental studies, feasibility studies, designing the highways, and acquiring right of way. Money would also be used for the Collin County Outer Loop service roads, Daugherty said in a previous interview with Community Impact Newspaper.

In regards to propositions B and C, commissioners will have an annual call for projects.

“My intent that we’ll talk with Commissioners Court and try to get them to establish some policy or critique [for the call for projects]over the next four to six weeks,” Daugherty said.

In a previous interview Commissioner Susan Fletcher said the Commissioners Court will have an annual call for projects and ask cities to match 50 percent of the funding necessary for the arterial road.

Daugherty said he expects some projects to come from cities and others to come from county input, but a list of projects has not been announced.

More Nov. 6 election results can be found at

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  1. Local elections and proposals have a much larger impact on a citizens life than the high profile national elections. Thanks for the update.

    • Dear Drew,
      Thank you for your comment and readership. We’re happy to provide this type of local information to residents and will continue to follow this bond.

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