Denton County Transportation Authority has announced some scheduling changes for its Connect Bus services and A-train commuter rail line in Denton and Lewisville.

The changes are meant to improve efficiencies and on-time performance, according to an Aug. 18 news release. They will also help the transit agency as it ramps up service with the return of students to the University of North Texas campus in Denton. DCTA stated that the some of the changes are also due in part to a shortage of bus operators.

Connect Bus service changes go into effect Aug. 23, the same day that UNT classes begin.

Connect Bus Routes 21 and 22 in Lewisville and 4 in Denton will see temporary service reductions due to bus operator shortage and the new schedules. Routes 3 and 7 in Denton will also see minor schedule changes, the release stated.

The schedule for the UNT shuttle service is also being updated.

A proposal to increase the frequency of A-train service will be considered at the DCTA board of directors meeting Aug. 26. If approved, those plans call for A-trains to run on a 30-minute frequency Monday through Friday and once an hour on Saturdays. The A-train schedule currently offers a mix of 30-minute and hourly service, depending on the time of day.

The A-train service changes would go into effect Sept. 7, which is the same day that the agency is launching its new GoZone on-demand rideshare service in Highland Village and parts of Lewisville and Denton.

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