The Denton County Transportation Authority and Dallas Area Rapid Transit will no longer proceed with a proposed joint rail facility in Lewisville after officials took action May 23.

What happened?

The DCTA’s board of directors approved a revised agreement and authorized the refund of about $1.6 million to DART during a May 23 meeting. The money was sent by DART for design of a joint rail operations maintenance facility that would be used by both transportation agencies.

Both agencies intended to use the facility for rail vehicle maintenance on DART’s Silver Line vehicles and DCTA’s A-train vehicles, according to the meeting agenda. DART officials now intend to develop a single maintenance facility on Shiloh Road in Plano and have decided to suspend the project with DCTA indefinitely.

DART officials formally notified the DCTA in April that they did not wish to continue with the joint facility in Lewisville, said Austin Frith, vice president of planning and development.

The details

Under the revised agreement, the DCTA is expected to:
  • Pay all outstanding invoices related to development of the joint facility and not incur any additional costs.
  • Provide a detailed account to DART for use of the $2.8 million sent for design services.
  • Refund about $1.6 million that was not spent on the project.
The original agreement, announced in September 2022, stipulated design and construction of the facility would be funded by DART, according to the agenda. So far, DART sent nearly $2.8 million to the DCTA, which would oversee design and construction of the facility.

The project was estimated to cost about $12 million.

Zooming out

In 2023, the Plano Planning and Zoning Commission approved a preliminary site plan for DART’s proposed facility near 3201 Technology Drive. Plano City Council members have also approved a specific use permit for the project. The facility will be located just west of Shiloh Station along the Silver Line rail.

Click here for more information about the proposed maintenance facility in Plano.

Stay tuned

Frith highlighted language that was added to the revised agreement stating both agencies’ desire to increase communication and collaboration with each other in the future. When DCTA officials decide to expand A-train service to downtown Carrollton, they will work with DART officials to negotiate track rights and an access agreement, according to the agreement.

“This is a prime opportunity that, as we put the [joint facility project] on indefinite hold for now, we're full steam ahead on the A-train enhancement program,” he said. “This verbiage helps solidify our partnership with DART and upcoming coordination that we will need to engage with them on.”