Keller ISD provided updates at the July 25 board of trustees meeting on its summer intervention program that ran from June 6-30.

The program provided extended academic support for students after the 2021-22 school year.

The summer intervention program had four different offerings: grades 3-12 accelerated instruction, K-12 extended school year for special education, bilingual enrichment and high school credit recovery, according to the presentation.

For the grades 3-12 accelerated instruction program, approximately 3,000 students participated across 27 campuses, and 600 staff members supported the program, according to the meeting presentation. Students from kindergarten through 12th grade participated, the presentation stated.

For the extended school year program, 101 students participated on two different campuses. The program focused on “critical skills tied to students' individualized education goals and objectives,” as stated in the presentation. In addition, several students also worked on community service projects.

For the bilingual enrichment program, approximately 260 students participated. These students were in kindergarten and first grade, according to the presentation.

The number of participants in the high school credit recovery program were not provided at the meeting.