Aircraft engine manufacturer MTU Maintenance Dallas, Inc. announced on April 6 that it is relocating from Grapevine to a new, 430,000-square-foot, climate-controlled facility at Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport.

According to the press release, the expanded space will allow MTU Aero Engines, Germany’s leading aircraft engine manufacturer and one of the world’s largest engine maintenance providers, to perform engine tests on-site for the first time.

MTU Maintenance Dallas, part of MTU’s maintenance, repair and overhaul network, is the main hub for on-site services in North America. The press release stated approximately 30% of active aircraft in service worldwide have MTU components on board. In the commercial maintenance sector, the company ranks among the top three service providers for commercial aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines. MTU Maintenance Dallas holds approvals from the European Aviation Safety Agency, Federal Aviation Administration and multiple other certifications from regulatory agencies across the globe.

“Our expanded footprint for operations is 10 times larger than our current location, which allows MTU Maintenance Dallas to offer our customers comprehensive, one-stop maintenance solutions at one of the largest on-site service and level one maintenance facilities in North America,” General Manager Nezam Moghadassian said in a press release. “Licensed technicians provide rapid response to maintenance needs, whether scheduled or unscheduled, and other maintenance tasks include engine pre-buy inspections, field service engine repairs and full video borescope capabilities.”

Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport hosts a vast array of flight services, including air cargo, corporate and government aviation, and is the cornerstone for the 27,000-acre AllianceTexas development, one of the nation's most successful public-private partnerships.

“MTU will be a valuable partner as they serve our existing cargo carriers and attract new commercial aviation customers at Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport,” said Christopher Ash, senior vice president of aviation business development. “Having the ability to test engines on-site will strengthen and expand MTU’s business and provides the necessary engine test capacity, which is critical to their global and domestic customers.”

According to the press release, MTU Maintenance Dallas’ move to Alliance Airport is scheduled by the end of June.