Ask a realtor: ‘Don’t rule out a home because of its age’


Local Realtors answer questions about trends and offer tips to homebuyers and sellers considering buying or selling a home in or around Plano.

Susan Vincent Sutherland
Re/Max Dallas Suburbs

Advice for buyers
Buyers are seeing the shift in our market as more houses come on the market today than have in recent years. The average number of days homes spend on market is increasing, and buyers are expecting more. With the increase of inventory comes a large discrepancy in finish out and features in any given price range. As buyers look at homes, buyers need to keep the focus on why they are buying a home and what features of a home are most important to them. In Plano, many of the homes on the market are 15 years old or more. Don’t rule out a home because of its age. Often, the older homes have been redone and feature the latest trends and updates. An older, established home and neighborhood often has the character and charm you’d like to call “home.”

Advice for sellers
As the number of days on the market increases, sellers have to be aware of the lower demand for inventory and the increase in supply, as there are more homes being listed every day. Buyers are expecting a home’s price to be competitive and in alignment with the neighborhood. The average buyer does not want to update after purchase so it important that the home be in “move-in” condition. A seller should do their best to have their home in showing condition, with great drive-up appeal, clean windows, fresh paint and a decluttered interior. The goal is to “wow” the buyers coming through the home. Sellers need to understand that they only get one time to make an impression, and if that impression is lasting, they will outsell their competition.

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