Grapevine city staff continue to evaluate the demand of pickleball while balancing existing facility availability within the city.

In Grapevine, there are up to 11 spaces available to play pickleball, including four outdoor pickleball courts at Dove Park, Parks and Recreation Director Chris Smith said.

The overview

The four outdoor pickleball courts were completed in 2020 after the existing sand volleyball courts were relocated within Dove Park. Smith said the sport has seen rapid growth in Grapevine and neighboring cities, but he and his staff remain focused on monitoring available facilities, the need for more pickleball areas and the trend in playership.

“The challenge becomes the amount of facilities you have versus the amount of people you have playing the game, and at some point there’s going to be a line where this levels off,” Smith said. “Years ago, racquetball was the hot thing, but nowadays you can hardly find a facility that has racquetball courts.”

In addition to facilities accommodating pickleball use, there are also organized pickleball classes, leagues and the occasional tournament hosted by the city, Smith said.

The details

Within Grapevine, there are four spaces that can accommodate pickleball play, he added.
  • Three indoor basketball courts lined for pickleball during select times
  • Four outdoor courts dedicated exclusively to pickleball
  • Two tennis courts at Dove Park lined for pickleball
  • Two tennis courts at Heritage Park lined for pickleball
Smith said existing facilities remain popular with individuals.

“It is a sport that a lot of people are really interested in getting into because it’s very comfortable, and [you can buy] the equipment fairly cheaply,” Smith said.

What else?

There are no formal plans to add any additional pickleball courts right now, Smith said. Other nearby cities, including Southlake and Keller, have added additional pickleball facilities.