The Grapevine Parks and Recreation Department finished installing four new pickleball courts at Dove Park in February.

“The game is a growing sport,” Chris Smith, deputy director for the department, said in an email.

The idea to add designated pickleball space came from resident demand, officials said. The popularity of the sport was seen at The REC of Grapevine on days where gym time was reserved for pickleball open play, Smith said.

Following this, the department received council approval to move the sand volleyball courts at Dove and add new pickleball courts in the space instead.

In addition to these courts, two pickleball courts have been lined at the Dove and Heritage parks’ tennis courts, Smith said. However, the Dove Park courts are the only “dedicated outdoor” pickleball courts built specifically for the sport.

“We already have a lot of activity at the new pickleball courts,” Smith said.