The Fit City Challenge between Southlake and Keller just wrapped its third year of competition.

This year's event featured Southlake vs. Keller vs. Coppell and has residents competing for the title of the Most Fit City. The challengers did physical activities as well as mental challenges to increase mental health and well-being, according to a news release. The event ran from April 15 to May 15 this year and on May 16, Southlake was declared the winner.

The highest average point total between the three cities wins a traveling trophy, and points were tracked through the GoJoe app, with each activity weighted to help level the playing field.

Keller took home the crown in 2022, while Southlake has now won two years in a row.

This year, Southlake residents had 145 points, followed by Keller in second with 136 points and Coppell had 97 points.

The background

Keller Mayor Armin Mizani and then-Southlake Mayor John Huffman created the activity-centric challenge in 2022 to improve the physical and mental activities for residents.

“The two cities and mayors are always a little competitive, and the mayors thought, 'What better way to challenge their cities than through getting them active and promoting a healthy lifestyle?” said Amy Bennett, Champion Club operations manager in Southlake.

Any resident could register for the challenge by downloading the app and creating a free account and choosing which team they wanted to join.

A closer look

Colleyville joined the competition last year, and this year Coppell became the latest city to compete in the event, replacing Colleyville.

“Mayor Wes Ways thought it would be a great way to engage our city, encouraging and celebrating their physical and mental well-being,” said Ethan Kerr, recreation supervisor at The CORE recreation center in Coppell. “I was able to engage with cities who had competed in previous years and agreed that it would be a fun challenge to engage our community.”

Competitors in the challenge could participate in local events for points. The Run4Elise 5K run and 1-mile walk was held May 11 in Southlake, an event that provided a chance to bring a lot of points for the cities. Bad weather called off Mizani's Run With the Mayor event on April 17 in Keller.

Kerr said the most popular activities in Coppell were walking/running, strength training, pickleball and dancing.

The details

Each of the events had a weighted value worth 1 point for each mile or time frame. For instance playing a two-hour baseball game would net someone six points for their city.
  • Cycling: 1.86 miles
  • Hiking: 0.53 miles
  • Running: 0.59 miles
  • Swimming: 0.15 miles
  • Walking: 0.62 miles
  • Golf: 30 minutes
  • Gymnastics: 7.5 minutes
  • Baseball: 20 minutes
  • Basketball: 6.67 minutes
  • Boxing: 6.67 minutes
  • Cardio: 12 minutes
  • Pickleball: 8.57 minutes
  • Pilates: 10 minutes
  • Tennis: 6.67 minutes
  • Yoga: 10 minutes
Quote of note

“This is something we look forward to every year,” The Keller Pointe Manager Michael Beaver said. “It gives us an opportunity to have a friendly rivalry with the other cities. Even though we're different, we can come together for one goal. At the end of the day, there might be a winning city, but if you look at all the people who participated, it's pretty remarkable. All these folks are working out, doing stuff together to get themselves out and about within the community. And I think that's probably the biggest thing."

Sorting out the details

The top three individual point earners were Jamie Wooldridge from Southlake, Blake Bullard from Southlake, and Chrissie Cooper Hintz from Keller.

The rankings also included the top three individuals each town. Along with Wooldridge and Bullard, Cristina Schulz made the top three in Southlake. For Keller, Jeff Mathers Sr. and Jose Guzman were the next top two point-earners. In Coppell, Fernando Iniestra, Todd Storch, and Jamie Levine were the top three.