As Carroll ISD officials weigh how COVID-19 could affect the 2020-21 academic calendar, they reviewed at a May 18 meeting possible changes to the school year's structure.

Janet McDade, CISD's assistant superintendent for student services, shared two calendars at the May 18 meeting: one that would add three weeks of COVID-19 flexible days and another that would add five weeks of flexible days. These changes would affect the start and end dates of the two semesters, according to documents reviewed by trustees.

These days would function similarly to bad-weather days, McDade said. In turn, the flexible days not used to shutter schools for possible COVID-19 resurgences mean students would not be in classes. Alternatively, if it is determined that the COVID-19 flexible days are not needed, then they could ultimately be removed.

"If we didn't need to take that time, we would go ahead and take it off the calendar," McDade said.

The board of trustees did not take any action on the possible calendar changes. Instead, trustees signaled their support for staff to produce another calendar that focuses on tacking the COVID-19 flexible days at the end of the academic year.

"I like the concept better of putting them at the end of the year," Superintendent David Faltys said. "Obviously, if you don't use them ... then you're done."

As it stands, the 2020-21 school year has students beginning classes Aug. 17 and ending May 27.

Visit this link to review the original 2020-21 calendar approved by trustees in February.