The Southlake City Council passed the first reading for a mixed-used development, referred to as Brumlow East, during the May 7 meeting.

Council requested the developer to look at traffic concerns raised during the meeting and come back with some options before the second reading.

The first reading passed 5-2 with Council Members Kathy Talley and Frances Scharli—in her first meeting on the board—voting against.

The details

Wright Brumlow East Real Estate owns the 32.8-acre property and asked for two changes to the land located near Brumlow Avenue and East Continental Boulevard. The first was changing the current land use designation from industrial to mixed-use. That second was changing the zoning from agricultural to transition zoning district.

The proposed location features residential homes that will be torn down to make way for the proposed development if it is passed during the second reading.

The plans call for eight office buildings and 56 residential dwellings on 21.55 acres of the land. The remaining acreage is in the flood plain and cannot be development, according to city staff.

The residential plan was decreased from 94 possible houses to 56 to address density concerns, according to Curtis Young from Sage Group.

What else?

Planning and Zoning passed the development to the council with a 5-0 vote but mentioned looking at addressing traffic concerns on East Continental Boulevard on April 4, according to city documents. Council Member Randy Williamson asked about deceleration lane options on Brumlow Avenue and Continental Boulevard. Young said those issues would be looked at before coming back to council.

This development would be near the proposed Southlake Municipal Service Center and Public Safety Training Tower. That item was on the agenda in the same meeting but due to a medical emergency, this motion was tabled until the May 21 meeting.

In other news

Former Mayor John Huffman started the meeting before the change to news leadership under Mayor-Elect Shawn McCaskill, who ran unopposed in the May 4 election. McCaskill, Scharli—who filled McCaskill’s former spot in Place 3—and Council Member Dr. Randy Robbins were all sworn into office. Robbins won a second term on the dais.

Williamson was voted Mayor Pro Tem, while Talley was voted Deputy Mayor Pro Tem. Williamson previously has served in the same role.