There were a few changes, in terms of titles, for some Southlake City Council members.

During the May 16 meeting, the first since the May 6 election, Randy Williamson, Place 6, and Kathy Talley, Place 1, were sworn-in for three more years on council. Both ran unopposed, meaning Southlake did not have to hold an election.

This will be Williamson’s fourth term and Talley’s second.

What’s happening?

Williamson has served as mayor pro tem recently, meaning if Mayor John Huffman was not at the meeting, Williamson was next in charge. He said he will step down from that role, meaning two new positions were filled.
  • Place 3 Council Member Shawn McCaskill is now mayor pro tem after serving as deputy mayor pro tem on the most recent council.
  • Talley was voted in as the deputy mayor pro tem to fill McCaskill’s previous role.
What you need to know

Williamson made light of his lengthy tenure of 12 years after the latest three-year election.

He previously served on the Southlake City Council from 2013-19 before a second tenure in 2022. He's been unopposed in three of the four terms.

“The time files ... I’ve worked with three mayors now,” he said. “Mayor [John] Terrell, Mayor [Laura] Hill and Mayor Huffman. I feel like one of those members of Congress that everybody goes, ‘Are they ever going to retire?' But it is, ‘How many mayors can they work with? How many presidents can they work with?' But, I’ve been honored to work with all of them.”

Current situation

Williamson said he will not seek another term as a council member, but he will still be involved in some capacity.

“I’m not stepping out of public service after this last term,” he said. “I know that the next three years will give me an opportunity to look at things and look at opportunities to continue serving the community. Whether that be here in Southlake, whether it be at the county level or the state level, I don't know. Right now I'm focused on Southlake and focused on doing our business, and I want to finish years 10, 11 and 12 strong; and I look forward to doing that.”