The Internal Revenue Service is extending tax deadlines for individuals and businesses in North Texas after severe storms hit the area in late May.

What’s happening?

Taxpayers within select counties will now have until Nov. 1 to file federal individual or business tax returns and make tax payments, according to a May 28 news release from the IRS. Officials are able to postpone tax-filing and tax-payment deadlines for people residing in the disaster area after the Federal Emergency Management Agency added several Texas counties to its disaster declaration in May.

Residents and businesses in more than 20 Texas counties, including Collin and Denton, are qualified for the deadline extension, according to the news release. If a qualified taxpayer has deadlines after April 26 but before Nov. 1, their deadline will be extended to Nov. 1.

The extension also applies to any deadlines normally due between April 26 and Nov. 1, such as quarterly estimated tax payments as well as quarterly payroll and excise tax returns.

Also of note

The IRS automatically identifies taxpayers located within a disaster area and applies the deadline extension. If a resident or business receives a late filing or late payment notice for a filing or payment that was due during the extension period, they can call the IRS at 866-562-5227 to have the penalty abated.

Any taxpayers residing outside the covered disaster areas who may have been affected by the storms can call the IRS at the same number to request the same tax relief.

More information about tax relief for residents and businesses can be found on the IRS website.