Frisco City Council members unanimously approved renaming Central Park and Davis Park as Seei Park and Rogers Settlement Park, respectively, during a March 5 meeting.

Kathy Seei Park

Central Park will now be known as Kathy Seei Park, named for former council member and Mayor Kathy Seei.

“I’m so excited I get to be part of the council that approves this,” council member Tammy Meinershagen said.

Seei served on Frisco’s council from 1989-1993 and as the city’s mayor from 1996-2002, according to meeting documents.

During her time with the city, Seei contributed to multiple large-scale city projects, including:

“The idea of Sports City, USA, started in a council work session under Kathy Seei’s term,” Mayor Jeff Cheney said.

Seei was named Frisco Citizen of the Year by the chamber of commerce in 2001, according to meeting documents. While she was unable to attend the meeting herself, her granddaughter Madeline Seei thanked council members for their choice.

“Not a day goes by that she is not talked about,” Madeline Seei said. “Thank you to everyone who helped this happen.”

The park’s location at 3155 Parkwood Blvd. in the heart of the Stonebriar District is a perfect place to showcase Seei’s legacy, Cheney said.

“Remembering our past as we shape our future is integral to our community’s identity,” resident James Nunn said. “Thank you for recognizing Kathy’s contribution to what Frisco is today.”

A rededication ceremony for Seei Park will be held in the near future, council member Bill Woodard said.

Rogers Settlement Park

Another park with a new name is Davis Park, which will now be known as Rogers Settlement Park.

It is named for the Rogers family, which includes William Rogers, the first deed holder of the now parkland in 1847, and his four brothers, who are considered the first settlers of this piece of Collin County, according to meeting documents.

“Due to the proximity of this area and due to their legacy here in the city of Frisco, the Park and Trail Naming Committee voted unanimously to bring this forward to [council] tonight for consideration,” Parks and Recreation Assistant Director John Chalfant said.

One of the five brothers, Clayton Rogers, was the father of Frisco’s first mayor—Isaac Stewart Rogers. Also known as Frisco’s first doctor, Isaac Stewart Rogers has a Frisco ISD elementary school named for him.

The park is expected to open sometime in 2025.