Collin County commissioners approved updates to the existing county subdivision regulations during their Sept. 28 meeting.

The subdivision regulations were rewritten to correspond with House Bill 3167 and improve the flow of information. Often called the “Shot Clock Bill,” HB 3167 gives entities 30 calendar days to respond to plats, site plans and other development plans.

The county held the first public hearing on the updates in February. Staff have since worked with the county attorney and Collin County Planning Board to incorporate requests and responses to the proposed changes.

A second public hearing on the regulation updates was held during the Sept. 28 meeting, but no one came forward to speak.

Other subdivision regulation updates approved by commissioners included:

• a minimum lot frontage of 100 feet along existing county roads;

• minimum front yard setback lines of 50 feet from the edge of the right of way on all major highways and thoroughfares on the county thoroughfare plan and 25 feet from all other public roadways;

• separate approval required for drainage design standards, roadway standards and flood plain management regulations; and

• if sidewalks are included in the right of way, roads will not be accepted by the county for maintenance—including in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of any city.

Collin County Judge Chris Hill explained the last amendment was needed because that is outside of how the county maintains roads.

“We don't have a sidewalk department,” he said. “We don't construct or maintain sidewalks in the county.”