To address substitute teacher shortage, $2.2 million added to Frisco ISD budget


The Frisco ISD board of trustees approved a $2.2 million budget amendment for the 2019-20 school year for a substitute staffing agreement with ESS South Central LLC, a substitute teacher staffing company, at a July 10 special meeting.

The approved contract aims to address the substitute teacher shortage at FISD schools.

At a June 25 special meeting, Anna Koenig, school district managing director of human resources, updated the board on substitute teacher and aide shortages. While pay incentives increased the substitute fill rates in teacher-absent classrooms to 88% since March, Koenig said the district did not reach the desired 95% fill rate.

The additional $2.2 million is a 25% markup to achieve the 95% fill rate and to fund staffing services, FISD Chief Financial Officer Kimberly Smith said at the meeting.

“There’s no guarantee in the contract for a 95% fill rate,” Smith said. “But in conversations with the company and other districts that have used them, we feel like that is a reasonable estimate that our fill rate might get up to.”

The agreement with ESS South Central is an annual contract, and the district will see if fill rates improve after the first year, Smith said.

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  1. So Frisco ISD is spending 2.2 million to hopefully increase the fill rate by 4% by bringing in extra people to do the work that has been handled by one employee? Why not take the money and hire extra people in-house to do the hiring and processing of subs and spend the extra money in the classrooms? Why so willing to throw so much money at an outside firm?

  2. george johnson

    We used to substitute for them – the pay was cheap and we didn’t always want certain assignments but we did it for the kids. To ensure they had good trustworthy supervision. They only paid $80 per day then when Centennial HS would call and that slobbering stune running the Centennial office would say oh we decided it will just be a half day (pays $35) and we would respectfully decline to accept the offer they would blackball you and not call you again after that. What do they care? Good inexpensive subs versus overpriced 2.2 million taxpayer dollars being wasted to cover for them being obnoxious stunes in the office there. Shame on Principle Spain for letting such a obnoxious fool run their office to the detriment of the entire school system and all the kids that deserved BETTER.

  3. I am fed up that my tax money goes to schools ,section 8, free school meals, while the elderly are ignored, no money for the library where Hoopla service was cancelled ” to expensive” the waiting time for books now are months.

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