All Collin College campuses could get blue light towers and stainless-steel e-phones as soon as fall 2019.

Collin County Community College District Board of Trustees approved a contract to purchase the necessary software and equipment at a June 25 meeting.

A blue light tower provides wireless emergency phone operation. The stainless-steel e-phone is an emergency phone better equipped for parking garages and the inside of buildings where towers would not fit. Cost and installation of the towers and e-phones comes out to $479,376, which is within the approved budget.

The towers and e-phones come as a result of the November 2017 approval for the Collin College Safety Plan in efforts to facilitate emergency communications and protect students, faculty and staff, District President Neil Matkin said at the meeting.

“We are extremely interested in creating a safe environment for these groups,” Matkin said.

Twenty-eight blue light towers will be installed in parking lots and campus common areas along with 18 stainless-steel e-phones in parking garages.

Installation is scheduled for summer 2019.