Big Bluestem Trail, the first feature to debut within Grand Park, is now open and offers a glimpse of future plans for the more than 1,000-acre park.

Frisco’s Parks and Recreation department hosted an inaugural trail walk on Nov. 19 shortly before the park was opened to the public. The trailhead for Big Bluestem is located off Cotton Gin Road, between Dallas Parkway and Legacy Drive.

Big Bluestem Trail is a natural, 12-foot-wide trail about 2.28 miles long from beginning to end and back again. The trail features Hackberry and Ash trees as well as a Bois D’ Arc tree.

Mayor Jeff Cheney, who was present at the inaugural walk with the rest of Frisco’s City Council members, said he often joked that he ran for city council after reading a newspaper article about Grand Park’s development.

“I wanted to actually work on this park project so that my kids could enjoy it,” he said. “Now, I joke we're working on it so my grandkids can enjoy it.”

Development of Grand Park is a top priority for Frisco City Council in 2022. The park will be built over decades for multiple generations of families, Cheney said. City council will be working hard to imagine the future of Grand Park’s first phase, but he encouraged residents to participate.

“As you're out taking a walk this afternoon, start thinking about it,” Cheney said. “Start imagining what it can be.”

Work is underway to install a temporary road in Grand Park as well as parking and lighting, according to a city news release.

QR codes on poster boards line the trail, which opens a digital map that displays information and highlights about park features. Shannon Coates, director of Play Frisco, said there was much more to come to Grand Park.

“We purposely have left as much as we can untouched so that you really can get an eagle's eye view of what it is to be lost in Frisco to some extent,” she said of Big Bluestem Trail.

The trail’s operating hours run from sunrise to sunset. For more information, visit