Denton County Public Health reported the death of a Frisco man in his 40s as a result of COVID-19 on July 10.

No further information was released about the patient.

“We’re sad to hear a member of our Frisco family has passed,” Mayor Jeff Cheney said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and loved ones. This is another sad reminder for us to all do our part to help protect ourselves, our families and neighbors from the virus. Please remember to wear masks, social distance, cover coughs and wash your hands. We’re in this together so remember to spread kindness, not the virus.”

This is the third confirmed death of a patient with COVID-19 in Frisco since the coronavirus pandemic began in March. The first death was a 67-year-old Frisco woman with underlying health complications who died on April 4. The second was an 89-year-old Frisco man with underlying health conditions on June 3.

A news release from Denton County said this latest death was the county's 39th due to COVID-19.

"We ask that you keep this individual’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers,” Denton County Judge Andy Eads said in a statement. “Social distancing, wearing masks and washing your hands are three steps each of us can take to reduce our chances of spreading COVID-19.”

Frisco reported 19 new coronavirus cases on July 10, bringing the city's total since March to 546, according to the city's dashboard.