Plano’s Hub Streat food venue suited for variety of occasions


Somewhere between visiting a bakery on a boat and meeting a man who sold coffee from a bicycle, Jim West said, he devised the concept for what would become Hub Streat.

With the goal of offering the varieties of dining experiences he had witnessed during his travels to a downtown community, West said he eventually landed on downtown Plano as his location of choice because of its walkability and the community-focused environment.

West says Hub Streat’s multistory layout and use of indoor and outdoor seating helps provide those varying dining experiences for patrons.

“The hub is all about the guest defining their experience,” West said. “What we have tried to do is provide a variety of venues for you to have those experiences. And so we collectively put those under the umbrella of a culinary entertainment center.”

Customers can select an upstairs bohemian-style lounge area, an outdoor beer garden or a garage with arcade games, just to name a few of the restaurant’s features.

And the amenities do not stop there, as Hub Streat offers different menus with foods ranging from rotisserie chicken and burgers to oven-fired pizzas and hummus and cheese platters—not to mention a wraparound bar with choice whiskey and tequila offerings.

“As the menu evolves you will see us expand the global palette because of our travels, our interests in what’s in the neighborhood here,” West said. “Everywhere from Latin [American]  to Indian to different parts of Asia.”

Though Hub Streat as a venue wears multiple hats, West wanted to be clear with his branding by incorporating a honeybee in the logo.

West, whose grandmother fostered his interest in honeybees as a child, said he wants to spread awareness about dangers to honeybee colonies. The dangers include colony collapse, which occurs when worker bees abruptly leave the colony.

“Honeybees are in danger, and without honeybees there isn’t any food or clothing, for that matter,” West said. “We are trying to bring people’s awareness to help save the honeybees by planting plants.”

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Gavin Pugh
After reporting for Community Impact Newspaper's Plano paper for over two years, Gavin launched the Coppell, Valley Ranch and Las Colinas edition in October 2019. As editor, Gavin's beat includes transportation, municipal government, education and Dallas Area Rapid Transit.
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