Tomoya, a sushi and hibachi restaurant, has been serving the Plano area for four years. Its name means “friend’s house,” which is something owner Bo Chung said the restaurant strives for.

When diners visit Tomoya, Chung said above all, he wants them to feel comfortable and welcome.

“It’s our motto,” he said. “Everybody who comes here [is] welcome here, and they get the best food and the best service at a reasonable price. That’s what we aim for.”

After retiring from the corporate financial world, Chung said he was looking to start his own business. He said he works at the restaurant almost every day and enjoys engaging Tomoya regulars. Most of these customers are families due to the low prices Tomoya prides itself on, Chung said.

“[I wanted] some kind of high-quality [food] for a reasonable price, so that’s the reason I decided
to open the restaurant in Plano,” he said. “Many Japanese restaurants in the area are very competitive here in Plano, but I think there is some more opportunity [for growth].”

Tomoya The hibachi steak bento box ($10.50 lunch, $15.50 dinner), comes with a choice of soup as well as a salad, rice, grilled vegetables, steak and a California roll. Box combinations are also accompanied by the restaurant’s trademark Tomoya sauce.[/caption]

Tomoya’s most popular menu item is the hibachi steak bento box ($10.50 lunch, $15.50 dinner), which comes with soup, salad, white rice, grilled vegetables, steak and a California roll. The boxes also come with Tomoya sauce—a thin but creamy dipping sauce.

The Sushi A combo ($16), which consists of five pieces of chef’s choice nigiri sushi and a  California roll, is also a popular item, Chung said. Nigiri sushi is made with thin slices of raw fish over vinegared rice. He also suggested the Mama San roll ($9.50 for eight pieces), which is rolled tempura shrimp topped with Kanikama crab and spicy mayonnaise.

Aside from the food, the restaurant also offers garden patio seating, which has been a popular part of Tomoya since opening day, Chung said.

“I want to see people happy,” he said. “So after dining, [I want them to be] satisfied and very comfortable [and] then have a reasonable [bill].”