LP Love Pacs donation Leadership Plano Class 33 members present donation to Lovepacs Director Jenni Tran (fifth from left). From left, Carole Greisdorf, Melissa Sauvage, Angie Pace, Bron Austin Deal, Tran, Charlie Kenney, Ann Whiteman, Angela Fisher.[/caption]

The Leadership Plano program is accepting applications for its next class, which starts in September. The class will be the 34th group to graduate from the nine-month program, which is a partnership between the Plano Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Plano.

Founded in 1983, Leadership Plano focuses on leadership styles and techniques while exploring different aspects of the local community, including education, local businesses, economic development, health, human services, the criminal justice system, arts and government.

"The future success of Plano depends heavily on the leadership from our elected officials, community leaders, nonprofit organizations and businesses," said Jamee Jolly, president and CEO of the Plano Chamber of Commerce. "Leadership Plano takes an in-depth look at what makes Plano unique, the challenges we face as growing community and how individuals can find a place to plug in and connect."

As part of the chamber's program, each graduating class adopts a local nonprofit organization to support with time and resources to give back to the Plano community. On May 19, Leadership Plano Class 33 presented its gift to Lovepacs, a local non-profit organization that provides boxes of food to families in need over the extended school breaks. The class collected enough food to feed 120 children in Plano. Sen. Van Taylor, R-Plano, attended the presentation to show support for Lovepacs and to thank Leadership Plano for its contribution to the community.

In addition to the food donation, a monetary donation in the amount of $1,400 was also added. Classmates Angie Pace and Anne Whiteman presented Lovepacs with the cash donations from their employers, PepsiCo and Thackeray Partners. Board member Gayle Smith also received a donation from Custer Road United Methodist Church for the nonprofit.

The class kicked the project off by delivering 350 boxes to area schools in March for spring break. Class 33 members, who graduate from the program June 2, also plan to continue to support Lovepacs on an ongoing basis.

“Lovepacs is an impressive organization, who works hard to feed Plano’s chronically hungry children," said Melissa Sauvage, project co-chair. "Leadership Plano Class 33 and members of Leadership Plano’s board were honored to support and contribute to their important mission.  We encourage others to join us in supporting this important cause.”