Cindy Asche, an emergency nurse, has filed for Frisco City Council, Place 4, the seat currently held by John Keating.

Cindy Asche to run for Frisco City Council, Place 4 Cindy Asche[/caption]

Keating announced his intention to run for the House of Representatives District 33 seat in 2016.

Asche, who has been a resident of Frisco for more than 13 years, said she has been involved in the community for a number of years and finally decided it was the right time to run for City Council.

If elected, Asche said she would focus on seeing the city's developments through to fruition and making sure there are no tax rate hikes. Public safety would also be a priority for her as developments are expected to increase traffic, she said.

"We’re going to bring in a lot of people in our city and I think it’s really important that we manage that growth really carefully and do everything we can to maintain the quality of life here in Frisco," Asche said.

Asche said one of the reasons she chose to run for office is that she expects to see substantial turnover in city leadership in the next couple of years.

“I think we’re going to need a lot of leadership and somebody that can really jump into the community, listen to citizens and be there for people,” she said. “I want people to know that’s what I’m about and that’s what my whole career has been about.”

Asche’s background includes a 30-year career in emergency nursing and emergency nursing management. She has managed emergency departments, trauma centers and trauma programs in Austin and Dallas.

Asche said her career as a nurse and a nurse manager qualifies her for the City Council because she has managed multimillion dollar budgets and has worked with all types of people.

“It’s a service industry so you’re serving others and that’s the bottom line, taking care of other people,” she said. “I think it translates really well to being in city leadership.”

Filing for City Council continues through Feb. 19. Election day is May 7.

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