Innovative health care insurance company Decent may soon look to relocate its base of operations to Austin from its offices in California after the company opened its doors in East Austin on Sept. 10, founder and CEO Nick Soman told Community Impact Newspaper.

Decent’s Austin office opened with “a couple” of employees, and the company will hire further employees in the near future, as well as relocate employees from Seattle and California, Soman said. The Austin office is Decent’s fourth location, with operations in Seattle, California and Poland.

“Austin is going to be our hub. It is looking like it's going to be our base,” Soman said. “It is the city with the fastest number of skilled freelancers. Those are the folks we’re looking to serve.”

Decent provides affordable health care coverage to freelance and self-employed workers through a partnership with the Texas Freelance Association that allows workers to pool together to save on health care insurance, according to a company press release. Decent began operating in Texas in April.

The company’s plans include unlimited free primary care visits, and Soman told Community Impact Newspaper that the company is looking to soon launch a virtual primary care initiative that connects patients to their local primary care physicians via new telemedicine technologies.