Year over year median home prices and the number of home sales were mixed across the Central Austin market in October, according to data from the Austin Board of Realtors.

Of the 12 ZIP codes, sales increased in six and decreased in the other six. ZIP code 78704 had the biggest drop in year-over-year sales, selling 22 fewer homes this October compared to last year.

Median home prices also varied. Year-over-year prices dropped in seven ZIP codes but increased in other ZIP codes such as 78705, which had biggest jump in the market at just over 37%. Prices in 78752 remained the same both this October and last October at $453,500.

There were 54 homes sold in the market for $900,000 or more. There were also:
  • 30 homes sold between $700,000 and $899,999
  • 34 homes sold between $500,000 and $699,999
  • 35 homes sold between $300,000 and $499,999
  • 10 homes sold for $299,000 or less
The average number of days homes spent on the market increased year over year across the market with the exception of 78752, where homes spent one week less on the market. Homes in 78722 spent the longest at the market at nearly four months—85 days longer than last October.