The award-winning Chef Mashama Bailey will be closing two of her restaurants this July, both within the Thompson Hotel as the company moves to internalize all food and beverage operations.

The details

Both Diner Bar and The Grey Market will close in mid-July.

Diner Bar, also helmed by Johno Morisano, specializes in seafood while The Grey Market is more focused on southern cuisine.

However, Bailey's flagship restaurant The Grey will remain open and will be celebrating 10 years of business this year.

Bailey also plans to open her first restaurant in Paris, according to a statement from the team.

How we got here

In January, Thompson Hotel ownership began the switch to all in-house food and beverage operations, according to the statement.

This followed the closure of Wax Myrtle's restaurant and bar at the end of 2023, which was located on the fourth floor of the hotel.

Wax Myrtle's was then replaced by Arriba Abajo Rooftop Cantina, which is owned by the hotel but operated by beverage director Miranda Breedlove, according to a news release.