Editor's note: the story has been updated with the correct opening year of Anderson's Coffee.

Founder Jamie Anderson has perked up coffee aficionados one cup at a time with his freshly roasted coffee beans since opening Anderson’s Coffee in 1972.

Meet the owner

Anderson said he developed a love for specialty coffee shops while working out of state in the early 1970s. Soon after, he decided he wanted to open his own spot.

“I contacted Alfred Peet [of Peet's Coffee], the godfather of top-quality coffee, and he agreed to advise me,” Anderson said.

Following his apprenticeship, Anderson began roasting beans and has not stopped since.

What’s special about it?

Anderson carefully selects beans from around the world, including Central and South America, Indonesia, and Africa.

“We roast them in-house, so we have complete control of the process,” Anderson said.

Anderson uses a process called full-city roast to transform the raw beans into drinkable coffee. This roasting technique creates a medium, moderately acidic coffee with a hint of sweetness.

“We also do a few dark roasts that are indeed darker and have a smokey taste,” Anderson said.

In addition to beans, Anderson’s Coffee sells loose-leaf teas as well as products such as mugs, teapots, coffeemakers and more.