The $25 million demolition of the Frank Erwin Center is nearing completion, as the last of the concrete walls have come down—leaving a shell of beams and framework.

How we got here

The nearly 50-year-old center was replaced by the Moody Center, located a few blocks north, which opened in April 2022. The Erwin Center's last events were held the following month in May 2022.

Once fully demolished, the space will be used for the new UT at Austin Medical Center, which will include a hospital and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The details

The Spawglass general contractor team have been working since September to bring down the concrete walls, which was completed in early April.

Crews will start disassembling the steel frames and beams, which now looks like a large square.

The demolition is estimated to be complete in mid-May, according to a news release.