Local husband-and-wife team Maresha and Imo Eshiet started Homewatch CareGivers of Austin to provide personalized assistance to Austin-area residents and their families.

The details

Homewatch CareGivers of Austin offers a range of nonmedical services for people of all ages—from children to the elderly.

Services can range from 24/7 to once a week, and include specialized areas, such as:What else?

Maresha Eshiet said the motto at Homewatch CareGivers of Austin is to treat everyone with dignity while helping to elevate the lives of both their clients and caregivers.

"We strive to offer a workplace where caregivers feel respected, supported and valued," Maresha Eshiet said. "We have created a place where their welfare is as much a priority as that of those they care for."

About the owners

Maresha and Imo Eshiet said they opened Homewatch CareGivers of Austin as a result of their personal experiences.

"We both have a servitude heart and have had experiences in our lives that have been eye-opening for us," Maresha Eshiet said, explaining that when her grandfather had to go into a nursing home, he began to deteriorate.

"We saw how understaffed facilities can get, and this inspired me to get back and serve people," Maresha Eshiet said.

Imo Eshiet said his inspiration was drawn from his grandmother who, although she was diagnosed with dementia, "still remembered what she liked and how she liked things done."

"We are trying to add that personal touch to everything to make sure they are taken care of the way they prefer," Imo Eshiet said.

In their own words

"We want to make a big impact in the lives of our caregivers and community," Imo Eshiet said. "We are trying to make sure caregivers are paid well and their skill levels are increased through additional training to help them continue in this career."