From new restaurants to closed businesses and more, here is the latest on seven North Austin spots.

Now open

Playground ATX

Partners and sisters Sue Kim-Drohomyrecky and Katie Kim of the hospitality company Tykhe Group opened Playground ATX in mid-November. Playground ATX serves as a restaurant launchpad, with a six-month rotation of eateries occupying the 75-seat restaurant space to test the waters before a full-scale opening. Locals Kevin and Rosie Truong, who started the recently closed food truck Fil 'n Viet, are the first tenants with their new eatery, East Meets Wings. East Meets Wings pulls inspiration from Asian dishes to create unique chicken wing and vegetarian rice cake combinations.Modern Animal

Officials with Modern Animal opened their second Austin location on Burnet Road in early December. The veterinary clinic offers primary and preventative pet care in addition to surgery, dentistry and 24/7 virtual pet care. The clinic boasts of creating a calming environment for pets by spraying pheromones, allowing pet owners to sit with their pets and eliminating reception desk phones. The first Austin location opened late September on South Lamar Boulevard.Camp Out

Kristen Heaney Clark, founder and owner of Yard Bar, opened outdoor restaurant and bar patio Camp Out in late October on the Yard Bar property. Camp Out offers fire pits, fans, televisions, play areas for children and more. The menu consists of what Head Chef Candace Landberg, formerly of Cenote, calls “comfort food with a campfire fusion,” with reimagined dishes such as hamburgers, hot dogs and more in addition to a curated cocktail menu.Rosa Pottery Studio

Born and raised in Austin, Hillary Rose has founded a pottery studio that aims to serve as a safe space for those who identify as LGBTQ+ and/or people of color. The studio offers one-time classes and packages for multiple sessions. In addition to private lessons, Rosa Pottery Studio also hosts workshops and special events.Honey Hill Market

What started as an online shop has now evolved into a brick-and-mortar store called Honey Hill Market, which specializes in vintage clothing, hats, leather boots and more. The shop also hosts a Honey Hill Market on weekends and brings together other small, local vendors.Coming soon

The Retreat at Mantra Yoga Collective

A new yoga studio offering a wide range of classes, events, a relaxation space, and a full-service coffee and kombucha bar will open in Northwest Austin in mid-December. ​The studio, called The Retreat, will be split into two parts—one for practicing yoga, and the other for relaxing and socializing.Closings

Old Thousand

The Chinese eatery closed on Burnet Road after more than three years in business. Major equipment failure and a pending increase in rent made it difficult to move forward with the location, an email from Old Thousand states. The restaurant's original location at 1000 E. 11th St. will remain open, and officials staid there are plans to extend its operating hours and menu.