The Kyle City Council held a special meeting to officially call for a $294 million road bond election in November, just under the Aug. 22 deadline. The council voted 4-1 to call the election with Council Member Yvonne Flores-Cale voting against the motion. Council Member Ashlee Bradshaw was not present.

The bond has been in the works for more than a year and was meant to be on the 2021 ballot but was postponed to gather more information.

After months of discussion and feedback, as well as last minute changes, the final bond comprises eight road projects totaling 10.3 miles of new and reconstructed roads. At a previous meeting, the council voted to have all projects on one proposition.

The roads that will be reconstructed or built are as follows:

  • Bebee Road - 2.8 miles

  • Bunton Creek Road - 1.2 miles

  • Center Street - 2.2 miles

  • Center Street (On-System) - 0.4 miles

  • Kohler's Overpass - 1.2 miles

  • Kyle Parkway (Lehman Extension) - 1.3 miles

  • Marketplace Avenue - 0.6 miles

  • Old Stagecoach Road - 2.2 miles

  • Windy Hill Road - 0.6 miles

Jeff Barton, co-founding partner of Gap Strategies, noted that the majority of the projects are on the east side of Kyle, east of I-35. However, the bond package is designed to create connectivity between the east and west sides of Kyle.

In order for the city to spur economic development and growth on the east side of I-35, the proper infrastructure needs to be in place, Barton said, which this bond will ensure.

City staff will be hosting virtual and in-person informational open house sessions, in partnership with Gap Strategies. The in-person session will be held Oct. 1 at city hall.

Early voting will be Oct. 24 through Nov. 4. Election day will be Nov. 8.

Information such as maps, costs and more can be found at

Note: The website provided by the city of Kyle will not be live until Aug. 23, following the vote to call for the bond election.