Chris and Cheryl Henningsen opened their garage door business in 2014, originally as a franchise of national chain Aladdin Garage Doors.

In 2019 the Henningsens decided to go into business for themselves as Austin Garage Door Mechanics, and then in early 2022, they rebranded as Gator Garage Door Repair.

“We really wanted our name to stick, and we wanted a mascot, and a gator is perfect,” Cheryl said.

Based in Round Rock, Gator offers garage door installation, repair and replacement services for residential and commercial clients in Austin and surrounding cities.

Chris and Cheryl said every step of Gator’s process is designed with customer support and engagement in mind.

For example, when a technician is dispatched for a job, the customer receives a message with a photo and a brief biography of the technician.

Gator also emphasizes continued support after a job is complete. Cheryl said getting to any necessary follow-up repairs in a timely manner is a top priority.

“A lot of people can do what we do, but it’s the service after the sale that really makes or breaks who you are,” Chris said.

Chris and Cheryl said the company has seen a growing demand for its services over the last few years, and moving into a larger facility is a priority for them in the near future.

Chris said a larger facility would allow Gator to store more materials, which could help offset supply chain-related challenges.

A technician himself, Chris said one of his favorite parts of the job is immediately getting to see the results of his work, whether it be a garage door operating more quietly after a tune-up or a damaged door replaced with a new one.

“It’s like instant gratification, right? People walk back out in the garage [after work is complete], and a lot of the time the first word out of their mouth is, ‘Wow,’” Chris said.

Gator Garage Door Repair

16800 Radholme Court, Ste. C, Round Rock


Hours: Mon.-Sat. 7 a.m.-5 p.m., closed Sun.