Pflugerville to conduct traffic analysis, provide solutions for Kelly Lane intersections


The city of Pflugerville is proceeding forward with a call for a traffic study of several Kelly Lane intersections following public safety concerns that have surfaced in recent years.

Pflugerville City Council voted 6-0 on Aug. 13 in favor of tapping an outside firm to conduct a traffic study of Kelly Lane intersections at Falcon Pointe Boulevard and Vilamoura Street. Council Member Omar Peña was not present at the meeting.

In addition to the external study, city staff outlined several immediate actions to combat safety concerns at the two intersections. Short-term solutions include increasing law-enforcement presence at the intersection and adding flashing stop signs to the intersections, among others.

Four residents spoke at the meeting regarding accidents they have witnessed living in the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as the heightened congestion the roadway has experienced during peak commuting times.

The issue was first discussed by the council in September 2017, when the city’s engineering staff recommended no action be taken.

“We have sat here for years and made no choice and made no decisions to make any improvements,” Council Member Doug Weiss said.

“My professionals told me to do nothing two years ago, and I think that was the wrong decision,” he added later in the meeting.

Council Member Mike Heath suggested expediting the study process to determine the roots of the safety concerns and begin implementing long-term, tangible solutions. Under his proposed timeline, he suggested the city take two to three weeks to conduct traffic counts and analyses, provide a draft report for consideration and carry out any actions from there.

“Making a bad decision just for making a decision’s sake is not the right thing to do,” Heath said, stressing certain short-term resolutions, like added stop signs, could exacerbate safety concerns at the specific intersections.

Weiss made a motion to direct staff to “implement all reasonable and prudent, immediate solutions,” including
those suggested on the aforementioned list of short-term solutions.

Council Member Jim McDonald added to the resolution language regarding “increasing emphasis on adding law enforcement, adding some of those flashing speed limit signs we have and adding flashing ‘dangerous intersection.’ Whatever is appropriate.”

Weiss’ proposed motion also included engaging an outside engineering firm to conduct a traffic study, with a report to be made ready for council no later than Oct. 10, but ideally by the city’s Sept. 10 meeting.

“I appreciate your time and diligence hearing me out on this, and thank you for your progress, gentlemen,” Weiss said. “I hope we can continue to make more.” Council Member Rudy Metayer added his thanks to the residents who spoke on the issue.

“You’ve made a difference; we’ve heard you; we understand; and we’re going to go ahead and do something about it,” Metayer said. “This is your city.”

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  1. Tomorrow, the first day of school, is traditionally the worst day for traffic by the Kelly Lane fire station. I expect traffic to be backed up more than half a mile in both directions as parents drive their kids to school, and that is no exaggeration. Traffic will get better after a week, as more kids start to walk, but I still think they need a year-round pedestrian tunnel under Kelly Lane for the safety of those school kids. Max, our crossing guard, does a FANTASTIC job with the kids, but somebody else needs to be directing traffic. PLEASE Pflugerville officials, we need a police officer to direct traffic on that corner during at least the first week of school!

  2. A complete failure by the city of Pflugerville. How could no one see this would be an issue with literally thousands of homes being built in the area over the last couple of years.

    • Completely agree with you rus….they should have built out kelly lane a long time ago. They have the land, not sure why didnt build 4 lanes to begin with.

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