‘Domain-like?’ Round Rock, Pflugerville, Hutto consider large-scale mixed-use developments


City leaders in Round Rock, Pflugerville and Hutto are considering proposals for projects that will provide a mix of housing, retail, entertainment and restaurant options.

The District, a $200 million private capital project, will be the first large-scale mixed-use development in Round Rock. A site has been selected near SH 45 N and Greenlawn Boulevard.

A proposed development in Pflugerville could span SH 130.

On the west side, approximately 81 acres south of Typhoon Texas are slated for the development. On the east, the plans call for 31 acres south of Hendrickson High School. The project is being vetted by city departments before possible votes on zoning and approval of the development.

A mixed-use development anchored by Perfect Game is in the works for a site north of Hwy. 79 and west of CR 132 in Hutto. An $800 million private investment makes this project the largest economic development deal in the history of Hutto. Groundbreaking on the project is anticipated later this year.

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    • Now what are these communities doing in the transit / car-alternative arena to move visitors between these spaces. Are they relying on rental car companies and ride-sharing?

      • Hopefully they separate the cars and the pedestrians. The crosswalks in the domain are dangerous. More locally owned stores would be nice too.

  1. That property south of Typhoon Texas has been considered for development before. I absolutely oppose using taxpayer money to supplement any form of development there. If some greedy developer wants to develop that cornfield, make THEM pay for all the new infrastructure that will be required, and make sure they pay their full tax burden for every year they occupy it. Pflugerville already has too many growing pains, we obviously can’t comfortably handle all the development that is already upon us. We already don’t have enough workers to fill all the low paying service sector jobs. Wage inflation is spiraling out of control, which harms existing businesses, not to mention all the traffic problems. Every year my home property taxes go up, so I never trust any politician who says that new development will lower my taxes. (They try to deceive us by talking about lowering the tax rate, which is very different than lowering my total tax bill. Round Rock has lower property tax rates than we do.) I can however think of one way to lower my taxes – disband PCDC and give me back that half cent sales tax they collect and distribute to these greedy developers. What this town needs right now is public transportation and some good paying professional jobs (So workers don’t have to drive to Austin for the good jobs. Morning traffic seems to be a one way traffic jam leading toward Austin.) What happened to that big Data Center that PCDC told us was going in behind Home Depot? And why does Pflugerville give public tax money to subsidize Costco – that place is a gold mine for the owners, yet Costco only allows private members to shop there! And why is PCDC still subsidizing that water park with our tax money? (Don’t worry they told us, right here in a Community Impact comment section some years ago. PCDC’s leader at the time told us something like “If we don’t take your tax money somebody else will”. City leaders also promised that water park would make Pflugerville a Central Texas tourist destination, and that obviously never happened.)

  2. Leave these beautiful, charming cities as they are! So sick of big time builders ruining everything and the cities who do nothing against it. I grew up and reside in grand prairie Texas and they build constantly here meanwhile there are tons of old abandoned buildings everywhere. They are going to keep on in Texas until we’re like California….. so expensive they can barely pay people enough to live there thus the terrible homeless prob

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Taylor Jackson Buchanan
Taylor Jackson Buchanan is the editor for the Round Rock/Pflugerville/Hutto edition of Community Impact Newspaper. She has a bachelor's and master's degree from The University of Texas.
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