VIDEO: Perfect Game, a sports venue and mixed-use development, expected to add $200M yearly to Hutto’s economy


Plans are in motion for Hutto’s first indoor sports and event center. The 300,000-square-foot arena will seat 13,000 people and is planned as part of a mixed-use complex with office space, commercial, residential and retail components.

The development is tied to baseball scouting organization Perfect Game’s April 18 announcement to relocate its national headquarters to Hutto. Perfect Game hosts amateur baseball events and tournaments for players looking to catch the attention of Major League Baseball scouts.

The site will include 24 turf baseball fields, 10 of which the city will develop for public use, according to an April 18 presentation to Hutto City Council. Multipurpose sports fields and other recreational opportunities are in the works as well.

After a national search for the organization’s headquarters, Perfect Game selected Hutto.

“Out of 48 states and 2,800 communities, we came out on top,” City Manager Odis Jones told Community Impact Newspaper. “This is a big deal for not only Hutto but for the region and the state.”

The project is expected to pump $200 million annually into the local community. The current economic generation of Hutto today is around $30 million, Jones said.

“Perfect Game is excited to name Hutto as our national headquarters,” Perfect Game founder Jerry Ford said in an April 18 release. “We are especially impressed by the people here and we look forward to a long successful relationship while we work closely with the community.”

The $800 million private investment makes this project the largest economic development deal in the history of Hutto, according to the release. It is a partnership between the city of Hutto, Perfect Game, developer Wolverine Interests LLC, Sports Facility Advisory and Sports Facilities Management.

Perfect Game tournaments are expected to generate demand for more than 150,000 hotel room nights for the region, Jones said.

“We see our community as a partner in the region,” Jones said. “Look at Dell Diamond, Kalahari. We celebrate the success of our surrounding communities as well.”

Jones said the development is planned for Hwy. 79 and CR 132, adjacent to Fritz Park.

The opening tournament is expected to be held no later than Memorial Day 2021, according to the release. All fields, sports amenities and the hotel and events center are anticipated to be complete by the end of May 2021 as well.

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  1. Patrick Donathan

    does the money to build this include any of the money allocated from bond package back fall of 2018 election?

  2. Unfortunately they haven’t secured the land for this and won’t be able to. Odis Jones thinks he is going to be able to steal the private land from the family that owns it but that will never happen, he forgot to mention that at the 4/18/19 city council meeting you were sitting at. Odis won’t be employed at the City of Hutto in a year anyway so it doesn’t matter. He is as corrupt as they get and won’t be able to crawl away from the lawsuits he is facing.

    • We love the growth

      For the love of God would you all just shut up already with your negativity. Hutto residents should be embarrassed. Doesn’t matter what anyone does for you. This is good for the youth, and we could use the money. Complain about taxes, the water, McDonald’s, chick Fila, and a ton of other stuff. The money this will bring in will allow the city to way lower their portion of the property tax rate. People will move here. The roads are TXDOTs so go at them for that infrastructure. Not only that I’m sure the city will address this. They aren’t stupid. All I hear is bla bla about the CM but nothing has come from it in TWO years. Accept an amazing thing or move.

      • Unfortunately when you do not have the land or property to build such a thing it doesn’t happen. Eminent domain will not work for this as it is mostly for private use clouded out by some pubic use to garner the support of the public who think they are getting something for free. Perhaps CM should have thought about securing the land first rather than thinking he would steal it later after pitching heat to the public. This is will be in state courts and likely federal. Some can see to the end of the tunnel, Odis thinks he sees around corners, LOL (read short term resume builder). Corruption and dirty politics don’t belong in Hutto or this state.

        • According to county records, that particular 71.7-acre piece of land is (or has been) owned by “Hutto Highway 79, LLC”, and is/was listed for sale. According to city records, the city council voted on Oct. 4, 2018, to authorize the CM to enter into a contract to purchase that land.

          • 209 acres at CR132 and US79 privately owned…cannot and will not be taken via eminent domain. City Council voted on this on 4/18/19, best of luck to them in court. Odis will burn through tax payers cash defending himself. Oh wait, he already has started that with suing the State of Texas AG to cover his butt by withholding public information and by defending the city against 3 sexual harassment claims that resulted in illegal terminations by the CM. Residents need to do some homework and look into this guy before getting excited about a baseball facility that isn’t going to pan out. He is spending money on himself and cloaking it. Simple research unearths an insane amount of dirt on this thug. People need to be informed.

  3. It’s amazing to me that “Jim” (notice no last name) can get on here and talk about Odis Jones and call him “corrupt” yet “Jim” doesn’t have the gonads to put his real (much less his full) name on here. It’s easy my man to sit on the sidelines….

    • What is amazing is that you aren’t concerned about the corruption or the fact that the City doesn’t have the land to build on. They will not be able to secure it. How will that make our community look when he cannot deliver and then quits when he is being sued six ways to Sunday? Shane, focus on the issue being discussed.

  4. Hutto with its raggamuffin goof troop of a city council and even more dodo bird of a voters community. If you think Hutto with its annual increase in property taxes and over-inflated property values will lower its taxes on the homeowner, then you must have never heard of tax incentives or tax breaks to promote development….

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