How Hutto business, Woody RV Rentals, aided relief efforts during Hurricane Harvey


The last weekend of August was the busiest Woody RV Rentals has ever been in its 10 years of business, according to owner Julie Woody. The Hutto RV rental company was peppered with requests from around the state to rent RVs and campers in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

At the time, Woody said her business has met every request for her fleet of 85 RV-related vehicles.

Rented RVs have gone to businesses bringing supplies to areas affected by the storm, contractors working to rebuild or families who have been displaced because of Hurricane Harvey’s damage.

Woody RV is no stranger to storm requests. Woody said in 2016 the company received large orders from businesses in Louisiana who were affected by similar flooding.

“This time it is just Texans helping Texans,” Woody said. “We got the last vehicle back from Louisiana about a month ago, and thank goodness we did then.”

Under normal circumstances, Woody RV rents to those going on vacation and for events. Woody herself does not own a vehicle within the fleet.

Instead the business rents RVs out on consignment, meaning each of the vehicles is owned by other people. Woody RV operates the fleet, performing maintenance throughout the year.

“We are really busy 10 months out of the year,” Woody said. “There is always something going on.”

Woody and her reservation specialist, Stacie Tischler, said the events Woody RV supplies vehicles for include music festivals, Formula One, ROT Rally and the Houston Rodeo.

“March to July are really our busy times because of festival season,” Tischler said.

With five months out of a 10-month year contributing to a frenzy, Woody RV is always looking for more RVs to add to its already large collection.

Back in 2007 when Woody first started her business, she got her first vehicles from friends in a bunco group. From there, Woody RV has grown to include vehicles from anyone looking to make extra income on an RV that is parked for the majority of the year.

“We need all the ones we can get,” Woody said.

Busy Season

With the business busy 10 months out of the year, Woody RV is always moving onto the next big event. Here is a look at some events that use RVs from Woody RV Rentals.

  • Houston Rodeo BBQ cookoff
  • South by Southwest Conferences & Festivals
  • Rock the Ranch
  • Round Top Antique Fair
  • Sound on Sound Fest
  • Travis County Youth Show
  • Insomnia
  • Football season tailgates
  • Reckless Kelly Softball Jam
  • ROT Rally
  • Formula One
  • Eurphoria Music Festival
  • Austin City Limits Music Festival

Woody RV Rentals
1751 CR 107, Hutto
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Sat.-Sun. 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

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