Hutto City Council approved a revised venue management contract March 8 with Directors of Chaos, after the management firm failed to obtain more than one show in 2023.

The details

The city of Hutto entered an agreement with DOC in April 2023, in which the company planned to book 10 concerts from July to December. However, DOC was only able to organize three music shows between September to December.

Two of the three shows were canceled.

“Your track record is not real good, and you promised a whole bunch of events,” Mayor Mike Snyder said. “What are you comfortable with [for penalties]—to where we can say, ‘Well, we gave them a shot, and now they’ve got to pay the price?’”

The new contract includes terms for DOC to procure at least five shows by the end of 2024, or the contract will be terminated promptly.

Other contract details include the following:
  • The city receives 15% of the net profit from ticket sales, with DOC receiving the other 85%.
  • The city receives 100% of proceeds from city-sponsored events.
  • The city will see between 20%-30% from concession sales should DOC provide the service.
The contract lasts until December 2025, with the provision for the city to extend it until 2027 if officials are satisfied with the services provided.

"Moving forward, [we'll] continue to work collaboratively together [with the city]," DOC representative Tim Pioppo said. "In order to continue to grow this space and programming, we're constantly moving upstream."