A 4.7-acre parcel of land near Lake Pflugerville could be rezoned to retail.

On May 25, Pflugerville City Council approved on first reading to rezone the site, located at the southeast corner of Jesse Bohls Drive and Weiss Lane—described by the city as a highly trafficked area. Council approved the rezoning on first reading, and the rezoning requires further discussion.

The plot of land was recently annexed into city limits Feb. 23. The applicant seeks to rezone the former temporary agriculture and development reserve zone because they see the adjacent location to Lake Pflugerville as a retail opportunity, according to city documents. Only one single-family home is located on the property.

According to the city's Land Use and Development Character Goals, the rezoning is to help provide services and amenities within walking distance to neighborhoods without such access. The closest neighborhood to the property is the Sorento subdivision north of the location.