The city of Pflugerville will begin decommissioning and removing components surrounding the historic water tank starting June 13.

Pflugerville City Council authorized the city manager May 25 to award a construction contract for the utility project. It will cost $110,692, and final completion is scheduled for Sept. 1. The scope of the project includes removing two shorter tanks, chain link fencing and a shed located at Second and Hoopes streets near Old Town Park.

“The tall tank itself in all its glory with its name there will remain intact,” Mayor Pro Tem Omar Peña said.

The historic water tank was constructed in 1935 and was the city’s only water tower until 1985. Because of the city’s fast-growing population and the tower’s low capacity, it was used until the 1990s, according to a city spokesperson. City Manager Sereniah Breland said the current state surrounding the tower is horrible looking.

“It is a disgrace for such a great structure in our town,” Breland said. “We want to make it a place where people can gather instead of a chain linked fence with barbed wire around it.”

In early 2020, the historic water tank was inspected to confirm its structural stability. No damage to any of its structural components was found, according to city documents.

Part of the decommissioning plan includes city staff and the contractor working with neighboring homeowners to minimize disturbances and conflicts with their properties.