Updated at 11:54 p.m. Nov. 7

As of 11:54 p.m., 52.48% of Election Day voting results for the city of Pflugerville's special election were opposed to a measure allowing for City Council compensation.


In August, Council approved a resolution calling for the special election, asking voters to decide on two prepositions amending the city charter. Proposition A, if approved, will result in Council members receiving $9,000 annually and the mayor $12,000. Approval would result in a $66,000 fiscal impact to the city.

Early-voting results for Proposition B showed 62.86% of votes were in favor of the measure.

Proposition B asks voters to decide whether the city’s executive assistant to City Council position, which is currently empty, should be eliminated. The executive assistant position includes serving as a point of contact for Council members, managing their calendars and assisting with collecting information.

All results are unofficial until canvassed.