Pflugerville ISD officials shared updates on the district's multilingual education program and enrollment trends during an Oct. 5 workshop.

Pflugerville ISD enrollment lower than projected for 2023-24 school year

Actual enrollment for Pflugerville ISD's 2023-24 school year is expected to come in under projections by 300 students, a new student demographics report shows.

Fewer students who live in PfISD's bounds are attending the school district than projected for the 2023-24 school year, Templeton Demographics Vice President Bob Templeton said Oct. 5. Templeton provided an update on the district's demographics during a workshop held by the board of trustees, showing enrollment across PfISD's campuses is mixed. Many schools met the enrollment target, Templeton said, as others were lower than projected.

Population of bilingual students growing in Pflugerville ISD

Pflugerville ISD's population of students designated as emergent bilingual is growing, even as overall enrollment has decreased in recent years.

Alejandro Mojica, PfISD's director of multilingual education, said in an Oct. 5 workshop that the district's population of students designated as emergent bilingual has increased to about 27% of the district's overall enrollment over the past three school years, even as overall enrollment has declined.