Hutto ISD Board of Trustees approved its fiscal year 2021-22 general and debt services budgets during its June 24 meeting.

The general fund budget projects revenues at $92,867,614 with expenditures at $96,549,943, according to a presentation given by Glenn Graham, HISD Chief Financial Officer. The higher expenditures to revenues give the budget a deficit of over $3 million. The highest budgeted expenditures for fiscal year 2021-22 is $53,285,580 for instruction, $8,955,011 for plant maintenance and operations, $5,169,300 for student transpiration and $4,895,000 for facility acquisition and construction.

Board of trustees President Billie Logiudice said it seemed counterintuitive to adopt a deficit budget, but no further discussion was held before it was adopted.

The debt service fund projects a little over $22 million in revenue—a more than $3 million increase from the previous year. Revenue in the debt service is collected based on a $0.46 interest and sinking rate, a freeze adjusted levy of $4,561,658,300 and a 98% collection rate. Expenditures are expected to be around $20 million for an increase of about $1 million.