Pflugerville ISD staff reported the district spends roughly $3.8 million in utility costs per year—one of its biggest annual expenditures.

A plausible solution to diminish that amount, said Ed Ramos, the district's chief operating officer, could be a partnership with Cenergistic, an energy consulting company that helps entities cut costs with regard to utility consumption.

Ramos said during PfISD's June 17 board meeting that through this partnership, the district could net big savings through a series of initiatives that include embedding one or more Cenergistic energy specialists within the district, sending engineers to work with staff members and implementing more proactive work to get ahead of excess utility usage.

"We have to look at every avenue we can to make sure we are as efficient as possible," Ramos said.

According to a presentation from Ramos, the partnership could net the district roughly $2.4 million in savings over five years.

The board voted to approve a contract with Cenergistic during the June 17 meeting.

Ramos said the contract, which would cost PfISD $387,000 per year for five years for a total of $1.94 million, has a 60-day clause built into it should the district decide to opt out.